Tiegalstahlan Pantheon

Gold Pantheon AKA the Wild Pantheon:

The Gold Pantheon is comprised mostly of deities native to the benevolent, indigenous folk of the continent. The outliers tend to be those worshiped by the native folk of the lands who represent more morbid aspects of the natural world, such as death. There are many of these gods – as the Tatanka primarily worship the spiritual aspects of the world and name them as people – but these are generally the representative pantheon.

Tonaltzintli: The Lawful Good god of the Sun, the crops/harvest, diligence, time, healing and community. He dictates good spirited cooperation, the resistance of war and bloodshed, and to share those things that you have with those who have little. He is known to the Tatanka as the "Honored-Father", the spiritual beginning of their tribe. It is said that when he is disappointed, that he turns his gaze with intensity to monitor his people – unintentionally causing heat waves and droughts.

Metztli: The Chaotic Good goddess of the Moon. Her domains encompass benevolent darkness, knowledge, magic, romance, and just conflict. The tales tell that she is married to Tonaltzintli, but their differing opinions cause a rift between them. As one makes a step towards the other's way of thinking, their partner takes one step further – as the rotations of the planes bring a constant shifting of the state of the world and thus, their opinions must shift.

Ohtlapoā: The first born son of the Sun and Moon, he is a god of earth and stone, explorers, wanderers, hunters and map-makers. He is said to be the one to have taught the Tatanka the migratory patterns of the beasts and plants of the world, and how to camp and build for just long enough to move on without disturbing nature. Though isolated from his parents, he takes the path of Neutral Good – and seeks to perhaps reunite them spiritually if not literally.

Atl: Atl is the goddess of water, rain, renewal, plants and animals and the daily struggle to live and prosper. Her rivers guide the ambitious but foil the unwary. She takes the role of a neutral guiding hand – letting that which can survive, survive – but washing away the weak to make way for the strong.

Miquetl: The third child of Sun and Moon – who supposedly follows them and picks up after what they leave behind. He is the god of the deceased and burials, a lawful man who must engage in the evil act of hunting down the fleeing souls of the deceased to escort them to their final resting place. A kind being driven to despair from his work, he carries this burden somberly. None wish to die and depart the struggle of the living, so Miquetl must also be a predator in the shadows.

Silver Pantheon AKA The New Gods:

The Silver Pantheon is the most commonly worshipped pantheon of the oldest settlers and the first generation of children born in the frontier, and most are concerned with aspects related to civilization, creation and permanence.


Obsidian Pantheon AKA the Old Pantheon:

The Obsidian Pantheon is the name for the old, eldritch gods worshipped by the more cultist folks of Tiegenstahl  – particularly, the Yuan-Ti and the Naga. These deities are rarely concerned about the welfare of their charges and care primarily for their own agendas – at best a guiding hand towards a goal, at worst a destructive entity demanding of sacrifice.


Tiegalstahlan Pantheon

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