Tenebran Equipment

Tenebran monsters are fierce and unrelenting, often possessed of weaknesses others would consider exotic. For an adventurer in Tenebris, sometimes survival depends more on the craft of the equipment you use and less the enchantments on it. The following is a list of materials that are considered basic in fighting exotic creatures:

Silentium - Aberrations
Omnia – Celestials
Adamantine – Construct
Ichneumon – Dragon
Sigilium – Elementals
Cold Iron – Fey
Sanctified Steel – Fiend
Vocari – Giant
Venandi – Monstrosities
Magnesium – Oozes
Uredo – Plant
Sepultura – Undead

For most humanoids and beasts, mundane steel works perfectly fine – though the wary would note that such humanoids would have great power to be a threat worthy to bring weapons to bear – and one can never know where magical beasts prowl.

Additionally, there is the greatly prized Starmetal – mined from meteorites that pass through the veil of the patrons and absorb some of their strength. Exceedingly rare due to the very small amount of it that can be recovered, an alloy of starmetal serves to enhance any material to incredible potency.

Alchemy is also an important component of Tenebran adventuring life. Potions and alchemical coatings concocted for unique situations can serve to take the place of a true weakness and propel the might of an imbiber to legend – for a brief time.

Equally important as any of these is training – experience serves well but the learning of the tricks of those who know better is often the difference between life and death. Even though who swing no blade can still learn a better brew or more potent spell. Assuming, of course, that you have the means to pay and the ambition to excel.

Ultimately, one who adventures is best to remember no list of weakness is absolute and they should always see fit to research their enemy and properly prepare.

Tenebran Equipment

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