Shotgun Brute

Barbarians are not often users of guns – they generally prefer the rough and tumble, in your face nature of melee combat. However, the siren song of the shotgun rings in their ears. It's blunt, to the point and devastating. Shotgun Brutes combine the ferocity of their rage with the dangerous nature of this firearm.

Danger Close:
Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you gain all the benefits from Rage when attacking with a shotgun, and ranged shotgun attacks count as attacks meant to continue. Additionally, a Shotgun Brute may use their Strength to determine attack and damage bonuses with a shotgun, and may Reckless Attack when using a Shotgun.

Expert Handling:
At 6th level, You reduce your misfire chance with Shotguns by 1.

At 13th level, you reduce it by 2.

Reckless Handling:
At 10th level, creatures you successfully damage with a shotgun attack while raging must succeed on Athletics or Acrobatics checks (DC 8+Strength Mod+Prof Mod) or fall prone.

Giant's Cleave:
At 14th level, while raging, you may wield a shotgun one-handed, the other hand can be used to hold another shotgun, a shield, a melee weapon, or so on. You may make an off-handed attack with this weapon or shotgun as normal, adding your full strength bonus to damage.

Shotgun Brute

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