Exotic ranged weapon
Default Damage: 2d8 Piercing Damage
Ammunition (20 foot cone)
Default Capacity: 2
Ballistic, Lethal, Reloading, Loud, Misfire (1-4), Special
8 pounds – 800 GP
Special: A non-proficient user of this weapon doubles the misfire chance.

A powerful but limiting weapon, the shotgun uses pellet filled slugs to attack many creatures at short range. Unreliable, but possibly lifesaving at close range.

Ballistic. Weapons with this property penetrate traditionally-made armor, ignoring any non-magical armor class bonus it grants.

Lethal. Ranged attacks made with this weapon cannot deal nonlethal damage.

Reloading. These firearms operate on a clip or barrel system. It can fire a certain amount of ammunition determined by the guns default capacity. Reloading this weapon costs an action, but you can reload without expending all ammunition.

Loud. Attempting to hide after firing this very noisy weapon is incredibly difficult. Checks to do so are made at disadvantage, and suffer a penalty equal to the highest number on the weapons misfire chance.

Misfire. Any firearm has the chance to misfire. The misfire chance is indicated within the weapon listing, meaning that if your attack roll falls within that range, a misfire occurs. A misfire represents a mechanical fault in the weapon. Any weapon that misfires should ideally be cleared as soon as possible, as either the ammunition or propellant (or bits of it) have rendered the weapon unable to function properly. However, this does not necessarily mean that the attack automatically misses it's target. Clearing a firearm takes an action.

Effects of a misfire:
When a misfire occurs, roll another d20. If this secondary roll, referred to as a damage check, falls within the misfire range of the gun, the gun suffers a level of damage. Guns can incur the following levels of damage with the following effects:

Level 1: The gun must be manually adjusted using an action.
Level 2: The gun must undergo through cleaning over the course of a short rest.
Level 3: The gun must be undergo through cleaning, resetting and maintenance over the course of a long rest.
Level 4: The gun must be repaired over a number of days equal to half it's cost, divided by 100 and rounded down. This costs 25 GP per day in material costs.
Level 5: The gun must be repaired over the course of two weeks. This costs half the base price of the gun in materials.
Level 6: The gun is destroyed. Magic guns are not totally destroyed but must be repaired over two weeks and reinfused with magic. This costs half the total cost of the gun in materials.

Levels of damage stack, like exhaustion. A gun with 1 level of damage forced to suffer 2 levels of damage ends up with 3 levels of damage. Repair times and costs do not stack – you take the worst repair time/cost.

A gun with level 1 damage increases it's misfire range by 1. Damage levels 2 and 3 prevents any additional damage modifiers from being applied to damage rolls. Damage levels 5 and 6 cause all attacks made with the weapon as well as misfire damage checks to roll with disadvantage. Level 6 damage causes the gun to just stop working. These damage level penalty stacks.

The Mending cantrip is capable of repairing level 1 damage. A creature casting Fabricate cannot repair or create a firearm unless they are proficient with tinkers or jewelers tools.

Special: This weapon attacks in a 20 foot cone. Targets hit within 10 feet suffer the full damage if struck, targeted in the 10-20 foot range suffer 1d10 damage.


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