Primarily found within the deserts and wastelands to the east, Raindancers are typically lithe and agile scoundrels who call upon water-aligned mana to perform beyond their own abilities. Once adapted from the art of the Bladesingers who live in the oceans of the south, these folk would perform this dance to beseech the spirits for rain during droughts, the emergence of the new pantheon of deities and the stabilizing presence of spires has left the true origin of this tradition in the past. Now, they primarily travel as mercenaries or bandits in the desert, helping travelers procure water when necessary.

Hit Dice: d10
Proficiencies: Scimitars, Rapiers, Light Armor

Prerequisites: Level 5, Proficiency in Acrobatics or Performance, One of the following: Bladesong, 2d6 Sneak Attack Dice, 1d8 Bardic Inspiration Dice, Dueling or Two Weapon Fighting Fighting Style.

Level Feature
1st Rain Dance Style, Water Magic
2nd Rain Dance Style
3rd ASI
4th Rain Dance Style
5th Rain Dance Style

Rain Dance Style: Raindancers practice a combat style called the Rain Dance. Originally used to honor those spirits of water around them, it becomes a deadly art when used for fighting. It's flowing, graceful maneuvers mirror the ebb and flow of rain and river.

At 1st level, and every listed level, the Raindancer may select one of the following abilities. Non-passive abilities may be used a total number of times per day equal to the number of Raindancer levels plus the creature's Proficiency Modifier. (This is a shared pool)

The Raindancer's spellcasting modifier is considered to be their highest mental statistic modifier.

Whenever the creature gains a new level of Raindancer, they may swap one of these abilities for a different ability they qualify for.

Drifting Step (Passive): While in combat, you gain an additional 10 feet of movement.

Downpour: The Raindancer may make an additional attack when taking the Attack action. This does not stack with Haste.

Fighting Style (Passive): You gain either the Dueling or Two-Weapon Fighting fighting style.

Rainsong (Passive): Levels of Raindancer count as levels of Bard for determining the dice used for the Bardic Inspiration class feature.

Rain Storm: As a bonus action, The Rain Dancer and one ally within 60 feet heal for a number of d4 hit dice equal to the number of Rain Dancer level's the user has, plus the Raindancer's spellcasting modifier. Once all healing is calculated, both targets gain temporary hit points equal to the Raindancers proficiency modifier+their spellcasting modifier.

Rapid Flow (Passive): Whenever you move at least your base movement speed during your turn, you gain a +2 bonus to your AC.

Sneak Attack (Passive): The Raindancer gains a sneak attack dice of 1d6. The characters total number of sneak attack dice cannot be greater than half their character level. (Rounded Up)

Spirit Link (Passive): Levels in Raindancer count as 1/2 of a spellcaster level for the purpose of Multi-classing. The Raindancer must have at least 1 level in a class that allows them to cast spells to select this feature.

Storm Warning: As a reaction to an ally dealing damage, the Raindancer may add additional damage to their strike. This damage is equal to a number of d4 dice equal to the user's Raindancer level. This damage is either Thundering or Lightning. (The Raindancer chooses the damage type)

Water Magic: You learn the Shape Water cantrip, and may cast it at will. Additionally, the Raindancer may cast one of the following spells at their lowest level: Create or Destroy Water, Hailstones, Water Whip, Wall of Water, Water Walk, Control Water, Watery Sphere. You must have a Raindancer level equal to the level of any of the spells listed here to be able to cast them.

Wave Shield: When you are hit by an attack or you fail a saving throw, you can use your reaction to gain a +3 bonus to your AC or to that saving throw.

Wave Strike: When the Raindancer successfully strikes a creature with a Weapon attack, they may deal 1d12+stat modifier damage to any creature adjacent to the Raindancer. The damage type for this attack is identical to theĀ  damage type of the weapon used, and this damage cannot be modified by any means.

Winter's Chill: All attacks you make during this turn deal Cold damage instead of the default type.


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