House Skills

Disclaimer: These skills typically serve more refined purposes that other skills such as Insight, Survival, Persuasion, and/or Intelligence skills might cover. They will provide more specific or ideal results if used.

Gossip (Int or Cha): Used to learn more effectively about the goings-on of the area, local notable places or people, or the weaknesses of humanoid enemies. Gossip has some overlap with Persuasion and Insight and can also be used to spread rumors.

Linguistics (Int): Translating lost scripts, antiquated writings and handling runes both magic and mundane. Has some overlap with Knowledge skills.

Tactics (Int or Wis): Used to determine combat tactics and abilities, gain advantages in a fight. Has some overlap with other skills used to identify enemies. The least specific of actual creature identification.

Mercantile (Any mental) – One's skill as a trader, barterer and sometimes a land or property exchange agent. Some overlap with with Persuasion, Deception.

Monster Lore (Int): Used to learn about Monstrosities, Giants, Dragons – things not necessarily within the purview of strict survival. Some overlap with Knowledge skills.

These skills are available to any class.


Doctors Implements – The tools of a medical professional, surgeon and sometimes coroner.

Huntsmans Tools – Tools for hunting and fishing, which can also be used for big game.

Miners Supplies – The tools required to build, shore up, maintain and dredge ore and gems from a mine.

Waxworker Tools – Tools to work with creating objects out of wax and other semi-solids.

House Skills

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